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General Party & Event Rental Questions

How far in advance, should I be looking to secure a Tent Rental for summer?
When planning a tent rental for an upcoming summer wedding, event or party, we recommend booking a year to 9 months in advance. This is when our tents, tables, chairs and linen inventory is readily available, giving you the most options whether interested in one of our wedding/event packages or if itemized rentals are the best fit.
Important to note that as much as 80% of our year’s business will be conducted between June and September.

Are there wedding tent packages near me? Will a Kitsap Event Rentals tent package for my wedding, save me money?
Simple put….YES! Our tent rental packages are well thought out and have been the desired choice of past customers on hundreds of occasions.
Over the past 17 years, we designed and adjusted our wedding / event rental packages based on what has been consistently ordered of past customers on hundreds of occasions. Our goal is to make your Kitsap Event Rentals experience fun, easy and most of all affordable for your upcoming wedding ceremony, event or party.

How big of a wedding tent do I need? How do you determine wedding tent size?
In determining the proper size tent for your wedding a few decisions must be made first.
How do you foresee your day unfolding?
For example if your guest count is 100, do you see all 100 sitting down simultaneously dining together?
What style of tables are you using: round, banquet, and picnic style?
Will you need extra room for dancing?
Will there be food service under the same tent?
These are the type of questions we go over with you in a phone consultation to determine which size tent is going to fit your needs.

Once we know what tent size your wedding will need, we then need to confirm your wedding location can accommodate that size tent.

How do we put up a wedding or event tent on uneven ground or a slope?
Believe it or not, the tent is generally not the problem. It’s everything else that needs to go under the tent.
With our tents, the legs can be elevated up or down, every 10-15 feet apart, to deal with uneven ground surfaces. So unless the slope is dramatic we can place tents on uneven ground.

In placing a wedding or event tent on uneven ground or a slope, the other aspect we need to take into consideration is will the tables, chairs and possible dance floor work on the ground surface underneath the tent?
Each table has 4 legs and each chair at the table has 4 legs. Often times the ground contour is gradual and with proper placement of the tables and chairs this is not an issue. Otherwise, in more drastic examples, some pre-surface preparation may be required prior to our arrival.
Dance floors on the other hand, have no room for error. The surface must be flat!

How much does it cost for a wedding tent, table and chair rental?
When calculating what renting tables and chairs for a wedding may cost and adding the wedding linens, the wedding tent, lights, leg drapes, napkins, skirts and extra features, the value of one of our wedding/event rental packages is two fold.
EASE and PRICE. If you went with one of our wedding / event packages, you can save between $200.00 - $1,000.00 over an itemized reservation. In addition to, delivery (within Kitsap County), set up or tear down is included in our tent wedding packages.

Do I have to reserve a rental package? Or can I order just certain items?
Rental packages are unique to Kitsap Event Rentals and can offer a big savings for you depending on the rental items you are interested in. Please visit our itemized rental page for a complete list of our inventory and pricing. We would also encourage visiting our gallery page, which showcases our tents, tables & chairs, and linens.
Need assistance with your customized order? Please feel free to send us an email mike@kitsapeventrentals.com or give us a call at 360-621-8711

Can a tent rental package be customized?
Yes, within reason. For example, you could switch your guest table rentals from one style to another. We offer rounds in the package, however, if you prefer banquet tables instead - NO PROBLEM! We would be happy to switch the tables and appropriate wedding linen rentals at no additional cost.
Another example may be that you are securing your linen rentals elsewhere. We would be happy to give you the itemized value of the linens and apply it toward another item such as a dance floor, tent extension or side walls.

What is included in a tent rental for my wedding, party or event?
The price includes the frame of the event tent and the canvas roof. The tent rental also includes: Set-up for us to properly secure and Tear down
Additional items such as leg drapes, sidewalls, heaters and lighting; are extra.

In looking for party rentals near me, how long are my party rentals for weddings and events good for?
When placing a party rental for a wedding or event, most clients would prefer early set-up and late teardown. Good news! That’s how we see your event as well.
Let’s say that your wedding is taking place on a Saturday, at a private residence. Kitsap Event Rentals will set up on Thursday or Friday and pick up on Sunday or Monday. Your rental is thus good for 2-3 days depending on our schedule and your needs. All for one price!

Can I rent one quantity of tables and chairs and adjust that number a few weeks prior?
We wish we could offer that flexibility. However our business is completely inventory based. What we set aside for you based on your initial reservation, will directly effect what we can make available for other potential clients. Consequently, we have to turn away other business frequently based upon our reservation/promise with you. Therefore orders are firm at signing, for this reason.
We would be more than happy to add to your order at a later date, if inventory still permits.

Do you offer customer pick up and drop off of party rentals?
Sorry we do not. Delivery is mandatory. We specialize in larger orders, unlike a party store, where most of our clients want or require delivery service.

What is the service area of Kitsap Event Rentals?
We are based in Kitsap County. Marking such areas as Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo, Kingston and Port Gamble part of weekly delivery. While serving Bremerton, Silverdale, and Port Orchard on a constant basis. Over time that service area has expanded.

Today we deliver to Pierce County, serving the Key Peninsula, Purdy and Gig Harbor (this side of the Narrows Bridge…sorry Tacoma).

All of Mason county from Belfair to Shelton. Jefferson County to include Port Ludlow, Quilicene, Chimacum, and of course Port Townsend.

Finally our friends in Clallam County. Sequim and Port Angeles primarily, with occasion deliveries to Elwha, Joyce and Lake Crescent.

What are the payment requirements of my wedding or event rental?
A deposit of 25% (including tax) will be due upon signing. Sixty days prior to your event date, an additional 25% will be required. The final 50% balance of your order, is due by the Tuesday prior to delivery. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Money Order and Cashiers check. Sorry we do not accept checks.

Are you insured?
Yes. However things that may happen at your event after we leave from setting up, are your responsibility, for which ‘event insurance’ is available through many local insurance agencies.

Do you offer site visits?
Yes! Site visits come with a tent based rental package, if it is deemed necessary after a phone consultation. Most concerns can usually be addressed verbally or with photographs. However if a site visit is determined as being needed, a scheduled visit will take place prior to your event date.
If a site visit is requested as a condition of booking, then a site visit fee will apply. This fee will be between $100-$200 depending on location. The GOOD news is, that 100% of that fee is applied to your order, as long as you proceed with a reservation within 2 weeks.

Does Kitsap Event Rentals offer price matching?
Yes! As long as the price match meets 3 qualifications.
First, that it is an apple-to-apple comparison.
For example: a white 85” by 85” table linen compared to a white 85” by 85” table linen and not another color or size.
Second, that you can provide the competitors quote in writing or email for review.
Finally, all price matching is acceptable except for dish items or inventory we don’t carry as advertised.

Does Kitsap Event Rentals offer discounts?
Yes! Please visit our Kitsap Loves Kitsap page for complete details.
Personally we are drawn to organizations that help or bring awareness to: Military Personal - Active or Retired
Military Veterans
Kitsap Firefighters, Emergency Response and Law Enforcement
Children in distress or need.
Youth sports and activities.

When is my delivery scheduled?
We aim to have this detail finalized no later than 30 days in advance.

New Inventory Calendar

As inventory becomes limited or sold out, we will update our availability here.