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Customer Care Instructions

Site Visit:
Starting with your vision! Prior to scheduling a site visit, have a basic knowledge of your ideal location. After that determination, it’s crucial to know the approximate location of underground obstacles: septic tanks, drain fields, sprinkler systems, power lines. This will help in determining proper anchorage of tent canopies. If between site visit and set up day location changes, please notify us. Also upon arrival please have pets properly secured.

Site Preparation:
Before our arrival we kindly ask that you have the path leading to the site area clear of any obstructions and pet waste. If vegetation, such as branches or hindering bushes, were discussed, please have them removed prior to arrival. Finally, make arrangements to have grass sites mowed and raked or concrete sites swept the day prior to arrival.

Set-up Day:
We require a point of contact which is aware of and responsible for receiving, inventory and condition of rented items. If that contact can’t be you, please notify us as to who that representative will be. We also request a day of phone number for this individual. Make certain that gates are open and vehicles blocking our path are removed.

During Set-up:
Site area should remain clear of any individuals and pets until setup is determined safe by Kitsap Event Rentals Site Manager. This is most critical during the construction faze of tent canopies.

Point of contact should be available to verify all items are setup and delivered as promised. You will conduct a final walk through with our Event Supervisor, to verify all details of your reservation. Contact will also be responsible for payment of final balance, if arrangements are not made prior.

In addition to mowing and raking don’t forget what ‘Rover’ may leave behind. Don’t forget to turn off your sprinkler. We ask that no one attempt to move the tent once secured. While decorating your tent, please refrain from using duct tape on the canvas. It should be obvious, but just in case, outdoor fires within ash radius of canvas and fireworks are prohibited. As a final note before our return, all items you used to enhance the look of your tent, should be removed. We only pick up what we delivered and set up.

Tables & Chairs:
Simple rule of thumb… tables and chairs are not ladders. Please refrain from standing on them at any time. Your Event Supervisor will provide information in regards to pick up. For example: Please have wood chairs stacked on pallets under tent.

Linens & Skirts:
All linens and skirting should be shaken free of food and placed in the laundry bag provided. LINENS UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE SHOULD BE LEFT OUT OVERNIGHT. Please keep them in a dry, well ventilated location. If using candles something should be placed between unit and linen, to catch wax and deter heat. Candle wax and burn holes will result in automatic replacement fees. Finally linen should be used for the intention it was made for.

Tear Down & Pickup:
Policies and procedures for setup apply for pickup. Guests should remain clear of tent take down. Point of contact should be on hand for questions or concerns in reference to condition, inventory and location of rented items. In the result of damage, loss or breakage, contact will be notified and client will be billed accordingly.

Final Word:
We truly desire to make your rental experience as stress fee as possible. Your assistance in the above areas protects not only the staff of Kitsap Event Rentals but most importantly you the paying customer. If you should have any questions or concerns as it relates to the above statements please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Any questions, please call us at 360.621.8711

We service Kitsap County, Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo, Gig Harbor, Port Orchard, Bremerton,
Port Townsend, Port Angeles, Silverdale, and Mason County.

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