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Rental Tents - Angles and Sizes


  • 30' by 40' with windowed side walls.
  • 20' by 45' with leg drapes, just after construction. Tent will dine 100 guests.
  • This illustrates a tent in it's natural state. No extra's. This is a 30' by 40' in the illustration.
  • This shows a 20' tent next to a 30' tent. Each with windowed side walls. The 20' gable's to a height of 14.5', while the 30’ reaches 17.5'.
  • Inside of a 30' by 60' with tables, chairs. linens, leg drapes and a 18' by 18' dance floor. Plus some wonderful decorations by the client.
  • This photo has it all. Pictured is a 30' by 40' with tables, 85' by 85" white table linens, Wood chairs with the padded seat, windowed side walls, leg drapes, an outdoor dance floor and a personal touch from the client. Not to mention a gorgeous lavender field in the back.
  • Here we have the inside of a 30’ by 60’. This illustrates the Kitsap Enhanced Dining Room package.
  • Here we have an inside view of a 30' by 50' Tent. This illustrates the Traditional Dining Room Package for 150. Complete with tables, folding plastic/metal chairs. leg drapes, lights and linens.
  • 30' by 50' with walls on all sides.
  • 20' by 30' and a 10' by 20' EZ UP.
  • 20' by 50' Pole Tent.
  • This is a 10' by 20' EZ Up tent. These are perfect for small spaces. Great to add some shade. Work well for a buffet line, the DJ or a small gathering with friends.
  • This simple photo is of the roof line inside of a commercial tent. This particular tent is a 30'. The view showing is the gable end, which measures at 17.5' from the ground.
  • This photo illustrates a Traditional Dining Room Package for 200. The tent is a 30' by 60'. The tent in the background is a 20' by 20' which is used in our Ballroom package.
  • Enjoy the party in to the night. This is a 30' by 40' tent illustrated for 125 guests. Perfect for dining and socializing.